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Girl Talk: Why women should lift weights

woman lifting weights

My name is Cristina and instead of starting by telling you who I am, I’ll tell you who I am not. So let’s break this old-fashioned blog-post stereotype and have a heart-to-heart conversation.

I’m not an influencer, I don’t have thousands of followers on social media, I’m not a fitness model, I’m not a personal trainer and I am not a bodybuilder. What I am, on the other hand, is a woman just like you with a 9-to-5-sit-at-a-desk office job, who a while ago found herself drifting into a sedentary lifestyle.

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Burli Microcurrent for Sports and Fitness – What’s it all about?

gym weights

Our company mantra is “Redefining the limits of human physical performance” and that is exactly what we plan to do. At this point you may well be thinking “Wow, that’s a pretty bold claim!” and you’d be right. So, here’s a bit about us and how we can turn you into a super-human!

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Burn fat like a furnace

girl training on the gym


Probably the hardest part of staying in shape is fat loss because it requires you to put less fuel into your body and output more energy. Essentially, burning fat is a simple process but ‘simple’ is not always the same as ‘easy’. The theory is simple mathematics – when you burn more calories per day than you consume, your body is operating at a calorie deficit. In this situation, it will find the extra energy you need from energy stores in the body. Fat is the most energy-rich tissue of the body and so, your body begins harvesting these reserves for fuel.

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Extra Muscle and Strength, no Extra Reps!

muscle man on the gym

You are putting in those hard hours in the “iron paradise” (Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, 2018) and you are disciplined enough to hit those all-important macro nutrient targets in your diet. You’re making good progress, honing your physique and getting stronger all the time. But could you be doing more? More to the point, could you be getting more out of this work and dedication you put in? Have you heard of microcurrent? If the answer is no then you can get a great deal more from this lifestyle with no extra reps, no extra meals and pretty much no extra work. Here’s how you leverage that sweat-equity that you work so hard to invest in yourself and your fitness goals…

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