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Probably the hardest part of staying in shape is fat loss because it requires you to put less fuel into your body and output more energy. Essentially, burning fat is a simple process but ‘simple’ is not always the same as ‘easy’. The theory is simple mathematics – when you burn more calories per day than you consume, your body is operating at a calorie deficit. In this situation, it will find the extra energy you need from energy stores in the body. Fat is the most energy-rich tissue of the body and so, your body begins harvesting these reserves for fuel.

The problem is that this process is one of the hardest to achieve because maintaining high activity levels on a calorie deficit is fairly exhausting. There is a period of a week or so when you begin this process and your body must acclimatise to running on its energy reserves rather than consumed calories. This period is the hardest because you will likely feel very weak and depleted of energy until you break through this wall and get used to using fat reserves for energy. On top of this you may feel hungry more than usual as you get used to your new diet and macros. The whole process can feel like an uphill battle especially when you throw in all the other daily demands that can’t just be put on hold because you want to focus on losing a few pounds. Going to work every day with reduced energy and concentration can feel like a slog so hitting the gym is even harder.

There are some things you can do to make the whole thing easier on yourself and improve results. There are loads of books, magazine articles and online articles with great tips and advice on the subject. Some of these are quite obvious, like reducing sugar intake, reducing starchy carb intake and doing more high-intensity cardio. Some are not quite as obvious. For example, dividing your daily calorie intake over more meals (ideally 5-6 per day) helps to keep your digestive system running for longer, increasing thermogenesis (heat production) and raising metabolism. On top of this it breaks any carbs you eat into smaller portions allowing your body to use this energy as it is consumed rather than taking on more than it needs in one big meal and storing some as fat. It also helps to beat the hunger bug.

There are loads of useful tips like this out there on the World Wide Web, but here’s one you won’t have heard before and boy, is it a good one. This is not one of these “gives you that extra inch” kind of tips. This is a game changer! This tip is scientifically tested and will allow you to seriously increase fat burn. I mean, a lot!

Supplementing your diet and workouts with just 3 sessions of microcurrent per week has been shown to increase the amount of fat burned by the human body by…wait for it…over 78%! That’s an incredible increase and it is made all the more amazing when you consider that this is achieved not by starving yourself, fasting or rowing until you puke, but by simply sticking on a microcurrent device for a few hours and continuing with your day. You’d be forgiven for feeling a little sceptical right now. “Is this like one of those holistic herbal remedies that internet articles rave about but then turn out to be as useful for burning fat as using a three-legged donkey with asthma for showjumping?” Well, no.

Let’s look at some science. A medical study on the subject by Noites et al (2015) subjected participants to a standardised exercise regime, measuring the difference in fat loss between the groups, one of which was supplementing this with microcurrent sessions at home. The group using microcurrent exceeded the fat loss of the ‘exercise-only’ group by 78.9%. Not even the cabbage diet will give you that! Well, it might but it’s not very healthy to have just one ingredient in your diet and let’s be honest, who wants to smell of cabbage all the time?

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This is not too far from doubling the amount of fat burned from the exercise and diet alone. Think of all the hard work, the pain, the sweat, and the tears that go into all these workouts. Not to mention the effort put into altering your diet and sticking to it – remember, washboard abs are made in the kitchen more than the gym. Now imagine that the results from all this effort can be increased by over 78% just by wearing a microcurrent device for a few hours a week.

If you’re not familiar with microcurrent, it essentially recreates your body’s natural electrical current from an external source. Passing this tiny amount of current through the body cannot be felt by the user but promotes the production of ATP (the energy source for all functions of the body) at a cellular level. This mimicking of the body’s electrical system naturally provides a huge 400% boost in ATP allowing your body to perform all sorts of processes more rapidly than normal. That’s why it’s a fantastic tool for sports and fitness. It allows faster muscle growth from resistance training. It provides more energy for movement resulting in increased strength, power and stamina. And as we’ve seen here, it is also an explosively effective tool for burning fat as well! Is there anything it can’t do?…

At this point, you may be thinking “Enough said. Shut up and take my money!” Or you may lean the other way and think that because I am writing this for the blog of a sports and fitness microcurrent company that I’m trying to peddle some kind of new-age snake oil onto you. As you may be able to tell, I’m in the former group but whether you are or not if this prospect interests you then read for yourself. Hell, don’t take my word for it, I work for Burli! There are lots of great reliable resources to find information on microcurrent and the studies it has been used in – Google Scholar for one.

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Thanks for reading and happy training!

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