ATP Boost

Bia is a wearable device that emits a microcurrent into your body to naturally promote the accelerated production of cellular energy. When used in combination with a good training regime Bia helps your body allocate more of this energy for protein synthesis (growth and repair).



Following your workout simply stick the adhesive pads to the skin surrounding the target muscle group, plug in the Bia unit and turn it on. The device will then slide comfortably into the armband or waistband allowing free-movement throughout the cycle.


The current emitted is very low level (uA - millionths of an ampere) and often cannot be felt. It is configured to mimic the electrical field naturally produced by your body in response to injury. This increases ATP production within cells allowing them to perform their functions – such as growth and repair – faster and more thoroughly.


So, whatever your fitness goals, Bia helps get you there faster.

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