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Bia Pack

Everything you need to get started using Bia and reaping the benefits.

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The Burli Bia is a microcurrent device that emits a very low level electrical current through the body at specific frequencies which help you to recover from workouts, grow muscle, burn fat and improve performance at accelerated rates. It achieves this by mimicking the body’s own natural electrical current which stimulates cells to produce ATP (adenosine triphosphate) at up to 5 times the normal rate. This ATP or ‘cellular energy’ can then be used to heal the micro-tears created in our muscle fibres when training. The addition of microcurrent to a good training and nutrition program helps the user to see results faster than would normally be possible.

The Bia main unit comes with a ‘delivery cable’ and ‘delivery pads’ which use a snap-connector system for quick and easy connection or disconnection. The pack also contains a comfortable armband and waistband for stowing Bia on the body whilst in use. This allows free movement while a cycle is in progress.

We recommend using Bia at some point following your workout that day. Simply stick the adhesive pads to your skin on either side of the muscle group or area trained that day and affix the snap-on cable heads to the pads. Then plug the cable into the Bia device and turn it on. It will begin a 3 hour microcurrent cycle and the device can be slipped securely into the armband or waistband provided for the duration of the cycle. This allows comfortable free movement whilst wearing the device and you can simply carry on with your day while Bia works in the background to turbo-charge your body for muscular recovery and growth.

The Bia Pack contains:

  • 1x Bia device unit
  • 1x delivery cable
  • 4x adhesive pads
  • 1x armband
  • 1x waistband
  • 1x charging cable

We offer a 30 day return period on all products. more info

Free shipping on orders over £20. more info