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Delivery Pads

Conductive delivery pads for use with Bia.

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Our conductive pads are designed to stick securely to the skin for multiple uses (approx. 8-10 uses each) and to evenly distribute electrical current across the pad as it is delivered to the body.

Our pads are fitted with conductive snap-connectors for quick and easy connection with our delivery cables. This snap-connection system allows the cables to safely separate from the pads if the cable is pulled during a cycle which helps prevent damage to the cables or the Bia device.

4x Replacement Pack contains (up to 20 cycles with the device):

  • 4x adhesive pads

12x Replacement Pack contains (up to 60 cycles with the device):

  • 12x adhesive pads

We offer a 30 day return period on all products. more info

Free shipping on orders over £20. more info